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An Unlikely Conclusion, by Patty Wiseman

It's in the Blood, by Kase J. Reed

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Mackenzie's Cross, By Sarah Barthel


Title: Mackenzie’s Cross

Flow/Pace: Perfect Reading

Character Heroine: Mackenzie, a young kitchen maid

Character Hero: Patrick, handsome and strong

Overall read: Mackenzie’s Cross is NOT predictable, as an avid reader, I love that fact. My eyes were glued to each page as I lamented a series of sighs, moans, and then an occasional grunt of displeasure. I absolutely loved the ending, but still, I hated Isaac. The ending was tied together nicely and everyone was accounted for. Dare I say more? This emotional read was well worth my time. I agree; this book is an award winner, and the best I’ve read in quite a while. I don’t give 5 crowns easily. This book has earned every one.


I Really Liked: Sarah Barthel’s writing style was authentic to the medieval period. She gave much attention to details, which placed me right inside the story.


I Didn’t Like: Loved it all.


Heat Rating: Mild__X__   


5 Crowns ~ Excellent Read~ (Movie Material)

Crown Rating: [ 5 ]


Reviewer: Sandra

Love's Second Chance, By Mike Lynch

Title: Love’s Second Chance

Flow/Pace: Story moves well

Character Heroine: Dana Rogers

Character Hero:

Overall read: The story was almost a younger cast version of An Unexpected Romance, and of course since they are in a younger stage of their life the issues that arose with finding love again were a little different.

Plot: It wasn’t high on the “cheese” factor, despite being a Christian Romance, and the plot was very sound.

I Really Liked: Was a great, easy read

I Didn’t Like:

The author is extremely talented, I did not have any issues with grammar/ spelling so this book gets two thumbs up from me. If you love a good romance, this book is a must read.


Heat Rating: Mild_x__ 

4 Crowns ~ Great Read ~(My friends would love this book)

Crown Rating: [  4 ]


(Name Optional)

Reviewer: Allison Green

Gideon Knight - Alpha Male, By Downy Davis

 A Regular Gal’s Review

Title:  Gideon’s Knight – Alpha Angel

Flow/Pace: Good Flow/Moved Swiftly, Held my interest

Character Heroine: Joya is a headstrong independent woman who has a tender spot for the homeless.

Character Hero: Gideon is an alpha male with a good guy twist.

Overall read: Loved it! Good book for discussions

Plot: Don’t want to give too much away, but Gideon runs a homeless shelter. However, he is not hurting financially. When Joya performs her civic duty, she is in for the shock of her life. Not only is Gideon handsome, sparks fly between the couple when Joya finally agrees to volunteer at the shelter. The ending is unexpected and left me with a feeling of completeness. There is enough action to keep you on your toes.

I Really Liked: That their past lives were linked to the homeless shelter.

I Didn’t Like: The situation at the supermarket. Read it to find out why. Everyone is different.

Heat Rating: Mild/tasteful 

4 Crowns ~ Great Read ~(My friends would love this book)

 Reviewer: Sandra


The Purrfect Romance, By Sheryl L. McGinnis

Title: The Purrfect Romance

Flow/Pace: Just right

Character Heroine: Lacey

Character Hero: Jake

Overall read: Fun

Plot: The Purrfect Romance is a wholesome story that simmers under the surface but illustrates what women can do when they are in emotionally (or physically, for that matter), in abusive, soul-starving relationships. You’re left hoping that the story’s heroine, Lacey, leaves the first guy, Steve, the conceited, unfeeling lawyer. Ah! She finally develops the guts to get out of it and find love again, this time, a healthy romance—but not before the reader is left in a perilous state, wondering what is going to happen to her next.

Lacey is an inspiration to young women everywhere and proof that it is possible to extricate oneself from abuse or violence in a relationship and that no one is condemned to a life of misery with the opposite sex. This important lesson is a bonus from The Purrfect Romance and drives home that important lesson-- while managing to entertain and charm you with the characters—especially that cat!


That cat is a pet to die for! Every animal lover will find enduring appeal, as he is the star of the story! He commands a well-deserved center stage and is a king in the feline species—no matter by what name you call him. You can feel Sheryl’s love for animals, especially those of the kitty persuasion. Her passion for animals comes shining through and many readers who share her love will appreciate and identify with his “person-ality.” The cat becomes central to the story and is also an inspiration to the reader.


While this book is a romance genre, her story is down-to-earth believable rather than exotic, yet entertaining, nonetheless. Its characters are not without tragedies and imperfections. The Purrfect Romance makes a perfect gift from any grandmother, mother, aunt or older sister, concerned for any teenage girl experiencing the first stirrings of romance or young woman seeking love.


Sheryl demonstrates a "you-are-there" talent, creating scenery and mood that you can see yourself in the story and all the environs in which it plays out. She is like a master chef putting together a gourmet meal.


The Purrfect Romance is a unique love story for our times because of its redeeming social values the author incorporates in the book so beautifully, but mostly because it is a delightfully engaging and an easy read, great for the beach or poolside!

--Gloria Schramm,

Bellmore, NY

I Really Liked: The feeling of “you-are-there”

Heat Rating: Mild

[5 Crowns] 


Searching for Love, Sheryl Letzgus McGinnis


Title: Searching For Love

 Flow/Pace: Mellow

 Character Heroine: Tiffany-Athletic, sassy, rejected, and spurned. After having her heart broken, Tiffany tries desperately to find solitude. Because she’s wary of all men, she feels she’ll never love again.


Character Hero: Keith’s playful nature makes him a likeable and romantic character. In a whirlwind romance, he helps Tiffany find the love she deserves.


Overall read: It’s unclear from the beginning whether the title, Searching for Love, is a metaphor for the ring or the real thing—and that’s the mystery that seduces you—not telling too much and leaving just enough to the imagination. It’s a real beach scene and you are unmistakably  there.


Plot: In a time of great uncertainty in modern civilization and constantly changing mores like the tides, this story shows that good old fashioned romance is still in vogue and that, despite changing roles of men and women in society, that they are still attracted to, and attractive to, the opposite sex—a reassuring sign for the propagation of the species—at the very least!


I Really Liked: Any woman who has felt the sting of rejection or suffered unrequited love from the opposite sex and knows the wonder of a new day dawning when she meet someone all over again, will surely identify with the novel’s redemption of love.


Heat Rating: Sensual 

For those of us who have lost a ring at the beach—and it’s not such an unlikely experience—Tiffany’s loss of her engagement ring surely rings a bell. The tone and mood is set from the beginning. Author Sheryl McGinnis has mastered the art of scene description, without being flowery and sentimental.


But, as life has it, people are subject to whims and complex behavior patterns and underlying motivations that often reflect unspoken needs in childhood. Tiffany happens upon a regrettable scene from afar… she sees her beloved Cale in a romantic embrace with another woman.


Will she confront him about it? Will he confess and beg forgiveness? Will she forgive him and let bygones be bygones? Or will he glibly dismiss the discretion and deny any responsibility for his actions? Will hope die a slow death? Those are the tests of true love, older than sand and sea--and the author skillfully captures this longing of the heart as she weaves a tale of Tiffany and Cale in our times in Searching for Love.



Searching for Love is a fabulously easy read and cure for a young girl’s broken heart. What better way to get the endorphins running, than from a feel-good romance?

5 Crowns ~ Excellent Read~ (Movie Material)

Crown Rating: [5  ]


Reviewer:  G. J. Schramm


Lost in Betrayal, By Letitia Blount 


Title: Lost In Betrayal

Flow/Pace: The flow of the story was moderate.

Character Heroine: Jaeda Pontes

Character Hero: Drystan Pontes

Overall read: Great 

Plot: There are many obstacles and hurdles when trying to maintain a happy marriage. The plot was exciting, mysterious and engaging leading up to conclusion.

I Really Liked: I really like the fact that Jaeda was able to relate her circumstances to musical lyrics. Sometime words to a song can express true feelings; love, hurt and pain that’s experienced within an individual.

I Didn’t Like: I enjoyed the entire reading.

The author, Leticia Blount has captured many issues of marriage. Communication is the downfall, whether there is a lack of or negative talk within other’s conversation. The story entails gossip within two friends, simply taking the bus home. When negative conversation is overheard by undiscovered wife of party discussed which was also on the same bus route. The lesson to learn is never discuss others personal business in public because you never know who is listening. Great story. 

S. Lewis

Rating: 4 Crowns

Dirty Lace, By Beth Wedding

Dirty Lace by Beth Wedding
 In Dirty Lace the Author shares gut wrenching stories with her characters. I had an instant dislike for Lace, but love her frankness. All of the characters stories are intriguing and full of emotions. Celeste is the voice of reason. During a ten year class reunion, you don't want to miss these fantastic coming of age stories. Each woman learns something about herself as well.  

Rating: 5 Crowns

Barbara June

Catch a Falling Star, By Jayci Kyler

I absolutely adore this story. Jayci Kyler's writing skills literally pulled me into the story. I felt like I pulled up a chair and watched, and followed each character as the story unfolded. I fell in love with the characters immediately. I could relate to the wild imagination of young love. I was caught up in the emotional essence of Justice and Faith because their story was so believable. Even their names played an intricate part to the story. Again, I absolutely adore this beautiful story. It's definitely a must read. I look forward to future work from Jayci Kyler. Sweet Romance 

Submitted: L.P. Blount 

(5) Crowns
Topaz Publishing, LLC

Caribbean Heat by Rae Winters

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Timeless Wish by Barbara Sheridan

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Black Market Baby, By Tabra Jordan

This story totally tore me apart. I had to give it 5 Crowns. Jillian is searching for the cause of her nightmares. She finds more than she bargain for.  Lake, her husband is so tender and kind that he just slavers Jillian with hugs, kisses and understanding.If you love a good read. This short story will fit the bill.  Tabra Jordan did an excellent job. Looking for another Tabra Jordan read.  Reviewer: Tina

Beverley~A Regular Gal's Review


Title:Salsa Heat

Flow/Pace: comfortable (given the content)

Character Heroine: Tia Santiago-loved her

Character Hero: Quincy Lewis-loved the name-hope he visits occasionally

Overall read: very good

Plot:  The characters and the plot are realistic. I like the idea that there was such a strong chemistry between Tia and Quincy (man and woman), but my best friend's "man" is a definite no no.

I Really Liked: yes

I Didn’t Like: N/A

Heat Rating: Spicy/Erotic 

4 Crowns ~ Great Read ~(My friends would love this book) 4 crowns

 Reviewed by: Beverley  Like the overall flow of the book

LaDonna~A Regular Gal's Review

Author: Raven Starr


Title:Vampire's Embrace

Flow/Pace: At first I had a time getting into the characters, but once I did, it was a pretty fast read.

Character Heroine:Kia

Character Hero: Tristan

Overall read: It was a pretty entertaining book.  Great love scenes and excellent battle scenes.

Plot: Kia is suffering from memory loss.  She has special abilities, but is not really sure of where she belongs.  After being attacked by werewolves, she seeks out a vampire to help remedy the situation.

I Really Liked: The humor in the book and the pop culture references

I Didn’t Like: The Wix/Zogoz subplot

Heat Rating: I give it a Spicy Rating.  3 Crowns

Reviewed by: LaDonna

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Torn by Raven Starr. 5 Cups review from HEA. "I loved how Raven brought all these emotions of Alyssa to life and how she overcomes it is one worth reading. Definitely a great read."<br>